Changes in mentality

This alone can produce true changes

October 6th 2014
‘Revolution!’ – this is the solution most people consider when faced with injustice. They say things need to change, and they band together and take up arms. But after every revolution we find more or less the same injustices. The victims and the executioners have changed sides, but there are always victims and executioners one way or another. Many claim to be working to improve the fate of humanity, to make the people happier, but how many really know what people need in order to be happy? Very few, and this is why the results are not great: while we may see progress in some areas, at the same time we cannot fail to see the regressive steps in others. True progress and true improvements occur first in people’s minds, hearts and souls. And it is thanks to the light that they occur: all laws, even the best, will remain ineffectual so long as mentalities remain the same – limited, selfish and dishonest. Mentalities have to change first, and only education will change them.