Raising children

Requires nourishing their soul and spirit

October 8th 2014
To help those they love, people think they have to stay by their side as much as possible. But actually the only way they can help them is by striving each day to raise their own level of consciousness. This is particularly true as regards raising children. The parents may be constantly busy thinking about their children and taking care of them, but it does not mean they are raising them. They are only raising them if they are able to find elements from a higher world within themselves to pass on to their children through their own attitude and example. These are the elements that will become deeply imprinted in the soul of their children and influence them throughout the rest of their life. Saying to a child, ‘Eat; sleep; work well in class; be careful; watch who you spend time with, etc.’ is certainly useful, essential even, but ordering and forbidding them to do things is not food for their soul and spirit. And if parents do not nourish their children’s soul and spirit, they should be under no illusions: they are not raising them, nor are they protecting them.