We purify it with what we put into our body through breathing and nutrition

October 12th 2014
Even if people do not know the scientific composition and role of blood, they all know that blood is synonymous with life. It circulates in our body through a mass of arteries, veins and capillaries, and it irrigates our whole body from head to toe. It is our blood that receives the nutrients when we digest food, and it carries away what we don’t need. It is composed of red blood cells, which transport oxygen from the lungs to all the cells of the body and bring carbon dioxide back to the lungs, and also of white blood cells, which absorb and destroy micro-organisms harmful to health. So blood is an essential liquid for life. But there is life and life: there is a healthy, powerful, surging life and a weakened, sickly life, poisoned by all kinds of toxic substances that people introduce into their body. This is because they do not know how to approach breathing and eating, the two activities that are essential to them. If you want to purify your blood to enable it to become a true factor in regeneration, begin by reconsidering how you breathe and how you eat.