Relatives and friends

How to influence them so that they do not hinder our evolution

October 13th 2014
You may have relatives and friends who do not agree with the spiritual path you have decided to follow. It is up to you to find out how to behave with them. Do not isolate yourself, do not cut yourself off from them, and do not give up speaking to them either; only try to make them understand why you have chosen this path. It is not necessary to preach to them or lecture them; try to be impeccable, and from time to time, in conversation or with respect to some event, slip in a few words to show them what your new direction in life has helped you to learn and understand. Even if they protest or pretend they don’t hear, the idea you have expressed will end up leaving its mark on them in a helpful way. Take this advice seriously; otherwise, do you know what is likely to happen? These people will one day leave the earth, but their soul will remain alive, and they will continue to want to divert you from your ideal, so they will try to work their way into you, putting forward their arguments. And when they do so, they may succeed in making you doubt: you will think that these doubts come from you, and in the end you will give in.