Necessary for finding balance; some methods

October 14th 2014
The thing that is so harmful to people today is this continual restlessness, this fever they live in, which eventually damages their physical and psychic bodies. More and more we hear people complaining, ‘I’m so tired!’ But despite this they continue to rush about. It is good to want to be active, but if they are to remain active without exhausting themselves, they have to know how to relax. How? By trying to break this accelerated rhythm, which turns them into machines propelled by an engine that is out of control. And there are some very simple methods for doing so. Several times a day, stop for at least a minute, think of someone or something you love and that calms you, inspires you and gives you courage. Also if you can, retire to a calm room, lie face down on a bed or on a carpet on the floor, with your arms and legs stretched out, and let yourself go as if you were floating on an ocean of light, without moving, without thinking of anything but light… After just one or two minutes, you will get up again feeling reinvigorated.