Implies that we are able to raise our level of consciousness

October 15th 2014
The creative power in human beings lies much higher than their ordinary level of consciousness: it expresses itself in the ability to explore realities that surpass them, and to capture elements of these realities which they then reproduce on the physical plane. To create is to go beyond oneself, to surpass oneself. And yet, even for many artists, the act of creating remains at the instinctual level: they are compelled to express themselves, that is all, but that still does not mean they are creating. Those artists who do not make the effort to raise themselves to higher realms of the soul and spirit are unable to exert a positive influence on those who see, hear or read their work. When you spend time with works of art or of the imagination, observe what states these produce in you, for spending time in this way is never without consequence. Whether you want to or not, you link yourself to the creators of these works, and they lead you on the paths they have already travelled. This is where art, if well understood, could be the best teacher. When artists have been able to rise up to the realms of the divine world, to the very summit of their being, the elements they bring back from these spiritual ascents not only continue to have an influence within them, they also produce beneficial changes throughout the world.