Unease (psychological)

Responding immediately; a method

October 16th 2014
When you feel your inner resistance weaken, do not tell yourself it will pass. It might well pass, but it is wiser to respond immediately by doing something: going and watering the flowers, saying something nice to someone, taking them something they need or that will bring them pleasure, picking up a piece of paper or an empty bottle that’s lying around, removing a stone or some broken glass from the path, and so on. And most importantly, try to do these things consciously, using your will to re-direct the negative energy you are experiencing. Each little gesture carried out with conscientiousness, sincerity and love will be like a creature of light, chasing away the darkness or preventing it from entering and destroying you. And if you feel you are losing your joy, love, peace, hope and faith, here is another method. Write the words ‘peace, love, joy,…’ on a sheet of paper, take the paper in your left hand, then raising your right hand to heaven try to pick up the currents that are the bearers of these blessings. When you feel you have captured one of these currents, concentrate very hard, then place your right hand on your solar plexus to bring this energy into you.