Serving god

Starting when you are young

May 19th 2011
Having wasted the greater part of their faculties and energies on pleasures and distractions, some men and women then decide to set up home and start a family. They have nothing left to bring to a family, but never mind, they marry and have children who have strange kinds of parents. Well, this is more or less what happens with certain people, who decide one day to serve God. They have enjoyed themselves for years, they have thrown themselves into experiencing all of life’s pleasures, and when they no longer have the energy to carry on leading such a life, they decide now is the time to place themselves in the service of the Lord. But what can the Lord do with an army of lame, doddery invalids? You should not wait until you are old, worn out and useless to serve the Lord. The time for discipline and an ideal and for dedicating your life to heaven is when you are young, beautiful and full of strength. Then heaven turns its attention to such beings and entrusts them with its wisdom and its love. It does not forsake them, and it makes it possible for them to achieve their divine ideal.