Frees only those who have already learned to free themselves

October 21st 2014
A human lifetime is like a ball of wool unravelling: to begin with the thread is strong, but over time it becomes thinner until it breaks, and that’s the end of that. Each one of you must prepare for this end, so that you are not frightened the day the angel of death comes to take you by the hand and says, ‘Leave this prison you locked yourself away in. Go now; you are free.’ But to be free it is not enough to leave the physical body. Death is only a true liberation for those who have been able to work on themselves inwardly during their stay on earth to rid themselves of their physical and psychological weaknesses. The reason you came to incarnate was, precisely, to work at becoming free, to give your soul and spirit more and more possibilities to conquer matter. Then when the end comes, you will leave with the feeling that you are going somewhere where you are expected. And then, one day, after a certain period of time, you will come back again to continue your work.