Not only for your own sake but also for others

October 24th 2014
In the past, spiritual teachings guided humans along the path of individual salvation. Knowledge, powers, enlightenment – everything anyone succeeded in acquiring was for themselves, for their own development, their own spiritual upliftment. This is why many went and lived in isolation somewhere in a desert, in the mountains, in a cave or monastery so as not to be disturbed. But now we have entered the era of collective life, of brotherhood, and we have to go beyond the philosophy of personal salvation. We should improve ourselves, of course, but not isolate ourselves physically or spiritually to avoid being disturbed by others. On the contrary, we have to accept inconveniences, make sacrifices, suffer even, but be useful. So, do not spend your time in an initiatic school dealing only with your own spiritual development. ‘But we want to save our soul’, some might say. That’s fine, but you should also think of other souls; that is how you will save your own. Continue to cherish the idea of improving, but understand that it must not be just for yourself. Improving yourself for your own sake is only half the task. Our true task is to improve for ourselves and for others, so that we may be useful to the entire world.