Protection (our)

Lies in remaining linked to the divine world

October 25th 2014
For everything good we receive in life, there is something that has to be given in return, in some way or another – or let’s say, something to pay. And there will always be something more to pay until we return to the ocean of divine life for good. When we are immersed in the ocean, who are we going to pay? But if we leave the ocean, we must always give something in exchange for the least little drop. You will have seen this many times! After joy always comes pain; that we know, and we more or less consciously even expect it: after great happiness, we sense a vague threat of danger, as if a law required compensation. When happy events occur in their life, some people become uneasy once their initial feeling of joy has come and gone, and in a way they are right to feel this. But if we can never completely avoid trouble from the outside world, at least inwardly we can protect ourselves. And the only really effective protection is our link with the divine world. When you connect with the divine world and do everything you can to remain in its purity and light, you become one with it, and then inwardly you have nothing further to pay. Does God owe anything to anyone? No, everything belongs to him, and if you live in God everything will belong to you too.