Research (scientific)

Must be accompanied by spiritual seeking

October 27th 2014
Researchers and inventors give humanity weapons, encouraging their aggressive instincts, but they also give them comfort, encouraging their instinct for laziness. Do they have anything to be happy and proud of in providing people with so many ways to destroy themselves? When humans are not annihilating one another with weapons, they are slowly losing both their physical resistance and their psychic faculties because of all the devices they have at their disposal sparing them all effort. On the face of it, this is progress: yes, the machines are progressing, but not humans! Humans are becoming weaker. This is why those who think about things, including some scientists, are increasingly beginning to doubt whether all this technical progress is contributing to the good of humanity. Obviously, there is no question of putting a stop to technical progress: it is Cosmic Intelligence that is encouraging humans to conduct research. We must never stop seeking, inventing; we mustn’t neglect any of the possibilities offered to us by physical matter. What we do need to do is take scientific research in a different direction. For, actually, when humans have learned how to work on their psychic matter, they will be able to make full and good use of all the riches to be found on the physical level. Technical progress will only be true progress for them if, alongside it, they also look within and place their efforts under the authority of spirit.