Renewing ourselves

To continue inspiring those around us

October 29th 2014
Some people always have the same fixed lack of expression on their face. Why don’t they realize how unpleasant it is for others to see someone who never seems to be animated or have anything new or lively to offer? What a bore! Often this is even the reason why couples separate. Having put up with seeing the same expressions, gestures, attitudes, and hearing the same words and the same banal thoughts on the same subjects, one of them can stand it no longer and so leaves. Anyone who does not know how to renew themselves should not be surprized if eventually their partner, tired of the monotony, leaves to find amusement elsewhere. And it is the same thing with friends: what pleasure is there in being with people if you know in advance what their expression will be like and what they will be talking about? There is already enough monotony in everyday life. To make it more bearable, you have to consider bringing something new, different and poetic to it. So, beware; if you are always the same with others and tell the same stories, they will grow tired and turn away from you. Know how to renew yourself and everyone will love you, because you will give off something expressive, alive and exuberant that will do them good.