Inspired by the light

October 30th 2014
Darkness can trigger irrational fears: what if an animal, a burglar, or a murderer should suddenly appear? But it can also give rise to a rational fear: when you cannot see anything, there is always the risk of bumping into an obstacle, of falling and hurting yourself. And on the psychic plane this is even more possible. The more a person’s intelligence and wisdom grow, the more they become not exactly fearful, in the general sense of the word, but careful, cautious. And, at the same time, their boldness grows too – their intellectual, mental boldness. They are suspicious of anything that comes from instinct or feeling as these can blur how they see things, but they become bold when things are clear and transparent. This is why really intelligent, educated people are more daring than others. They venture into regions most people never dare to approach, and it is the light that gives them this boldness.