Poisoned by the improper stories being peddled around

May 20th 2011
Many people have nothing to say to each other when they meet. But all it takes is for one of them to mention someone or other’s name, and straight away they have found an inexhaustible topic of conversation, and the comments they make are rarely inspired by sympathy or understanding. After a while they part company, but only to begin again down the road. ‘Do you know what so and so did?’ And then it’s the same story told with a few extra details, for humans have a natural tendency to magnify things. So the whole world is full of people who magnify things, especially when it comes to peddling improper gossip. They prepare these stories, adding a dash of a very special sauce that makes the dish more and more indigestible. But the more indigestible the dish, the more appreciative people there are to gorge on it. That is how humans poison their atmosphere. And, most amazingly, that is what they often call ‘news’.