Souls (glorified)

The community of ishim in the sephirah malkuth

November 1st 2014
In the highest region of the sephirah Malkuth live the glorified souls. In Hebrew they are called ishim, which simply means ‘men’. These are the saints, patriarchs, prophets, great spiritual Masters and founders of religions who form a link between humankind and the angelic hierarchies. They have left earth, but they have not abandoned it. They watch over it and direct the cosmic forces that assist with the spiritual development of its inhabitants. When the Christian religion refers to ‘the community of the saints’ or the Jewish religion ‘the community of Israel’, it is always this brotherhood of ishim. Each mystical movement gives it a different name, but it is always the same assembly of glorified souls, which lives and works in the sephirah Malkuth, the material part of which is our earth. It is this assembly that brought humans all the knowledge we now find dispersed through the symbols and rituals in all religions. It is the true Universal White Brotherhood. All we are doing in our Brotherhood is preparing ourselves for the day when we may be judged worthy to take part in the work of these creatures and be admitted into their community. No one can enter their holy assembly by forcing their way in. The only people accepted are those who have understood where the true path lies and who place themselves in the service of a high ideal.