Stronger than death

November 2nd 2014
It is very painful to lose those we love. But it is love itself that enables us to get over the grief. You may think it is the opposite: that the more you love, the more you suffer. At the time, yes, without a doubt. But if you have truly loved someone, death cannot separate you from them. In time a different form of relationship is created between you and them, and you feel them constantly present. And at night, while you are asleep, you are also with them; your soul goes to be with them. In the morning when you wake up, you may not remember this encounter, because the journeys our soul takes during sleep only rarely reach consciousness, but with time you will increasingly feel the strength of your connection. God has set no limits on love. Love is stronger than death. Those who have truly loved one another never leave one another; their soul overcomes all material obstacles.