Room reserved for silence

November 3rd 2014
If possible, try to have in your home one room, however small, that you reserve for silence. Choose beautiful, clear colours full of light for the walls and some symbolic or mystical pictures to put in it, and dedicate it to the heavenly Father, the divine Mother, the Holy Spirit, the angels and the archangels. Do not allow others in and do not go in yourself unless you feel able to maintain an inner silence, so that you can hear the voice of the divine world. As you are preparing your quiet room, try also to prepare it within yourself, in your heart and soul. In this way, one day, no matter where you find yourself, even in the midst of chaos, you will be able to enter your inner room to find peace and light. We live in two worlds simultaneously – the outer and the inner, the visible and the invisible, the material and the spiritual – which is why it is good to have this quiet room both inside and outside oneself and to protect it from all forms of noise.