And the memory of a distant past

November 4th 2014
Children bring with them memories of distant times when humans saw nature as a living organism with which they were in connection constantly. In some this memory remains, but it fades as they grow older because of the materialistic education they receive. Yet these were traces of a past recorded in their soul, and it is a pity that all that eventually fades. When parents, psychologists and educators possess a certain initiatic knowledge, they will be able to really study the psychic life of very young children. They will read in the book of their soul everything mirrored there during their first few years. They will discover what these children know in their subconscious to a depth they could never have suspected. Some mothers may well have a vague sense that the whole life of the universe is revealed to them in their baby. And in that sense it could be said that they are their child’s pupil. Other mothers, who see themselves only as their child’s teacher, do not learn a great deal. A mother full of love, attentiveness and wisdom receives an entire initiation during the first years of her child’s life.