Binah, chokmah, kether

Regions the serpent cannot reach

November 5th 2014
Only after lengthy work will disciples of a spiritual teaching reach a higher level of consciousness. But once they have reached it, it is just as hard, in fact harder, for them to remain there. This is why stability is seen as the peak of initiation, the moment when the disciple can finally say, just as the hierophant in ancient Egypt said, ‘I am stable, the child of stable, conceived and begotten in the land of stability.’ What is stability? It consists in no longer being affected by evil; in other words, we have to have risen to regions where evil no longer has any hold. Why do certain events we once found annoying or discouraging not affect us when they occur again in different circumstances? Because we have attained a level of consciousness where they can no longer reach us. In the Cabbalah we are told that the serpent can climb as far as certain sephiroth but that it is impossible for it to reach the region formed by Kether, Chokmah and Binah. And as we are created in the image of the universe, we have regions within us too where evil no longer finds favourable conditions for life. In the sublime regions of our being and of the universe there reigns such light, such an intensity of vibrations, that everything that is not in harmony with this purity and light disintegrates.