Does not depend on external circumstances

November 6th 2014
If it is so difficult for people to find happiness, it is because they expect it. They expect to meet the love of their life, they expect to meet with success, fortune and glory, and if they do not find these they are unhappy. Actually, happiness is not something that comes or doesn’t come, just like that, from outside. It is a state of consciousness that depends on a sound understanding of things. You should not imagine you have come to earth to live a life of ease, pleasure and abundance. We have come to earth to learn and to improve ourselves. But how can we improve unless we have new problems to solve and new obstacles to overcome every day? The earth is a school, and as in all schools only those who learn and make progress can feel happy. So do not expect happiness to come from outside in the form of favourable encounters or conditions. Real, permanent happiness can only come from you, from how you see things and how you work. With a good way of thinking and a good philosophy you can become master of your own happiness. And above all, do not wait for it to happen without doing anything. It is up to you to act and to apply the methods that will allow you to transform sorrow into joy and failure into success.