Are often inspired by weaknesses

November 8th 2014
People are rarely aware that their opinions are only points of view that they have brought back from previous lifetimes, along with an entire baggage passed down through heredity. They do not ask themselves whether their opinions are well-founded: they give them, convinced they are right. Even if the Lord came in person to explain to them that their points of view are not perfect, instead of them saying, ‘Speak, Lord; I am listening’, they would reply, ‘Oh no, leave me alone; I know what I know.’ Well, what they don’t know especially is that these opinions they cling to often come only from their weaknesses. So we don’t need to look very far: it is so often people’s shortcomings, passions and vices that determine their outlook! Even if they justify their viewpoints with perfect, apparently objective reasoning, it is largely their least noble aspirations that prompt them to adopt a certain outlook on life. If they had higher aspirations, their points of view would be different and better.