Images (protective)

November 9th 2014
Your family life and social life bring you into contact with a certain number of people each day. To relate to them properly you have to find a good inner attitude. So, firstly, avoid spending part of your time settling scores with this or that person in your mind. Have you noticed that, when you have difficulties with someone, you tend to carry a mental image of them around with you wherever you go? You wake up with this image, and it is with you when you are walking around, when you eat and when you go to bed. That’s silly. Forget this person, and instead look for images of certain people you admire for their qualities, their spiritual elevation, and give them all your attention. Without your being aware of it, these images will work magic on you and erase the negative ones that hound you. Tell yourself that the only true remedies are on high, in the spiritual regions, where nothing bad can ever again affect your inner life. Indeed it is not so easy to get at someone who has decided to allow only images of beings full of light and love to come into them. Fill yourself more and more with the power of this light and love, and send out rays from above to all humans, even and especially to those who are hostile to you. This is the best way to protect yourself.