A structure we can help to build

November 12th 2014
All human beings are a part of the great body of nature, so they must endeavour to live in harmony with it. Even if they see themselves as individual beings with their own life, they belong to a whole, and they must consider how they can reconcile the needs of their personal life with those of collective life. Each individual is specific; Cosmic Intelligence wanted this diversity of creatures, and we should not try to bring them to the same level. Each one has the right to exist with their differences, their originality, as long as they are in harmony with the Whole. This Whole with which we must be in harmony is not just the human collectivity: above and beyond that we are linked to the different realms of nature, as well as to the cosmic collectivity, at the heart of which we as thinking beings have an important role to play. So each day we must be aware that we are taking part in building the edifice of cosmic life, which comprises all creatures, the angels, the archangels, all the way to God himself. For creation is not complete; it is still under construction.