Stones (precious)

Being inspired by their transparency

November 19th 2014
Meditate occasionally on this beautiful image of transparency… You will understand that in order to allow life, light and heavenly currents through, we must open up the way for them, that is to say, become transparent. Everything in nature illustrates this law. Why are precious stones so highly valued? For their colours, of course, but above all because they are transparent: they let the light through. How has nature managed to work so magnificently on particular minerals, purifying and refining them, to turn them into the marvels we admire today: crystals, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, topazes, rubies, and so on? And if nature has managed to do this, why would human beings not be able to do the same work within themselves? All spiritual practice must be directed to this end. When we succeed in purifying everything in our heart and soul and become limpid and transparent, the Lord, who appreciates precious stones very much, will place us in his crown. This is an image, of course, but it corresponds to something very real.