Time (lost)

Can be made up for somehow

November 20th 2014
With old age approaching, we are naturally inclined to look back, and for many people there then begins a period of regrets. They feel they have spent too much time on futile things, but that even if they tried to change course and give more space to their inner life, it is too late; they will never make up for lost time. Obviously, when old age has arrived, it is a bit late for a complete change of life, but it is not too late – it is never too late – to begin something constructive. The worst thing for these people would be to spend the rest of their life full of regrets. It is understandable that they should regret, but there are better things to do than regret. They can at least go back over all the events of their life and try to learn lessons from them. Once they have learned these lessons, let them employ all the love, intelligence and willpower they have left, to give their life the meaning they have not yet been able to find.