Overcoming it by identifying with our spirit

November 21st 2014
When you suffer, try to be aware that only a part of you is affected by this suffering. There is another part it has no access to – your spirit. Your spirit is free; it is subject to no constraint. From the sublime regions where it lives, it watches and advises you. And sometimes it even says, ‘You are suffering? Well, be pleased, because if you are intelligent you will acquire even more clarity and self-understanding and become stronger, all because of your suffering.’ When people are unhappy, they tend to identify with their unhappiness and allow it to take over. That is what is dangerous. They must, on the contrary, be immediately on the alert and tell themselves, ‘Now there is work to be done. Yes, I am suffering, but it is only a part of me that is suffering.’ They should appeal to that other entity, their spirit, which lives in immensity, in eternity, and which is also them. And then, from the depths of the mud into which they feel they are sinking, they will experience a surge of light and strength.