Authority (true)

Is obtained only through kindness and patience

November 22nd 2014
Whatever your qualities and abilities, do not try to impose on others. Why? Because you arouse in them the wish to confront you. They may be impressed to begin with, and they will respect you, fear you even. But while you think you have been establishing your authority, they will have been doing everything they can to arm themselves against you in secret. And you will have provoked this. Those who display their power awaken others’ aggressive instincts. There are countless ways people are capable of acting when a superior, or so-called superior, has humiliated them with a scornful attitude, curt tone or wounding words. You will acquire true authority only by cultivating kindness, gentleness and patience. Others may misinterpret your attitude to begin with: they will imagine you are weak and incapable, and they will try to abuse the situation. But persevere; they will soon have to recognize your abilities as well as your inner strength, and then you will win not only their respect but also their friendship.