Conditions (new)

Lead us to develop new qualities

November 23rd 2014
When you are certain you are working for a just and noble cause, you must allow nothing to divert you from it. And above all do not concern yourself with other people’s attitudes towards you, because there is a danger that you will lose your momentum. As humans are not known for their steadfastness, some, having approved of you and followed you, will become critical and turn away from you, and you won’t even know why. That is how it is. There are times in life when you are successful, recognized and appreciated, and then other times when you are ignored, kept on the side-lines. If your idea of work is not a selfless one, you risk falling into bitterness and rebellion. So take stock of the past: you will see that, because of this or that work you carried out, you have gained certain qualities. Now that you are faced with new conditions, there is sure to be new work for you to undertake so as to develop other qualities. This is how you will always be in control of any situation.