Revenge of the sage

November 25th 2014
What must someone do when their enemies have injured and humiliated them and trampled them underfoot? If they are wise they will abandon the idea of seeking revenge. They will tell themselves, ‘So, they think they have got rid of me? Well, they’ve got another thing coming!’ And then they begin enormous work on themselves: they link themselves to the beings of light in the invisible world, they learn and they make great efforts, until the day they finally possess true light, true powers. And if their enemies happen to meet them then, how astonished they are! Faced with the light emanating from this person, who has worked on themselves instead of taking revenge, something beyond words happens in their head. They may even feel very small and ugly! That is the victory, then, and also the triumph of the sage: without fighting his enemies, and even by leaving them be, he has the upper hand. Isn’t this the best solution? Of course, you have to have acquired much light, patience and love to decide to practise this method, and especially to be able to stick to it without wavering. But there is no method that is more effective.