Overcome by love

November 26th 2014
Feeling tired is certainly an objective reality, but it also depends very much on our inner state. Someone asked me one day how to become tireless, and I replied, ‘I would be happy to reveal the secret to you, but will you know how to make use of it? The secret is to have love for everything you do, for it is love that awakens and sustains powers in human beings.’ Work for hours with love, and you will not feel tired, but work for even a few minutes discontentedly and rebelliously, and something will become blocked in you, and you will quickly feel worn out. Each time you have to begin an activity or carry out a duty, endeavour to do it with love, or else don’t do it! What you do without love wears you out, and so don’t be surprised afterwards if you no longer have any inner motivation. Working without love is like introducing poison into your system. You will say there are tasks you find off-putting, boring (just thinking about them makes you tired!) but you can’t get out of them. In that case try to find at least one reason for performing them with love, and your work will seem more bearable. You’ll see: you will be less tired; love will overcome your tiredness.