‘i don’t have the time’

A convenient excuse to justify laziness

November 28th 2014
So many people claim they don’t have the time to devote to spiritual exercises! In the morning they have to go to work, and before they leave they already have a lot to do, and when they get home in the evening it’s the same story. Well, since they do not have even a few minutes each day for harmony and light, there will certainly be enough time for problems, chaos and darkness. If there is one thing in life that is sure to happen, it is feeling sad, weak and discouraged. It is far less certain that we will feel happy, strong and serene. Why? Because of the phrase, ‘I don’t have the time!’ that everyone delights in. It is a convenient way of justifying laziness and inertia. Not one minute to meditate, not one minute to at least say a prayer or do an exercise, so as to become stronger and more enlightened… What destiny are they preparing for themselves like that? And in truth, how often they waste their time! They need to learn to save some! And they will save time when they understand that if they devote a few moments each day to contacting the light, they will avoid making mistakes that they would otherwise have spent a long time putting right.