Nature is the body of god

Communing with it vivifies and enriches us

November 29th 2014
If humans changed their opinion of nature, they would change their destiny! If they think of it as being alive and intelligent, that stones, plants, animals and stars are alive and intelligent, they themselves will become more alive and more intelligent. Nature is the body of the Creator. And so not only must they be more mindful and respectful toward it, but they must also approach it with a feeling of the sacred. In truth, however humans behave, it makes very little difference to nature: all the acts of aggression they subject it to are only small losses, small cuts in this immense body, the limits of which we cannot even begin to imagine. But what they will destroy first and foremost is themselves. As for nature, once it has got rid of these insane people, it will regain the upper hand: nature is resourceful! So the reason humans must show respect for animals, plants and stones is that their attitude will have consequences for themselves. Their consciousness will deepen, and they will become richer for all that life breathing and vibrating around them. Think of all the entities inhabiting the universe, from the depths of the earth to the stars, and try to commune with them every day. This communion can only be made through love. If you love nature, you will hear it speaking in you, living in you, for you too are a part of nature.