Impoverishes, giving enriches

December 1st 2014
You constantly hear people complaining that someone has taken something from them, that someone owes them something, that no one loves them, or that no one thinks of them… And not only do they feel poor and lonely, but they are always afraid they are going to lose something. So they shut themselves off, without understanding that this closed attitude actually isolates and impoverishes them even more. They should try to forget what they are lacking and instead take delight in what they do have and learn to work with it. How can they feel poor and lonely, when they have the possibility of embracing the whole universe in their thoughts, of communing with all the beings of light that inhabit it? What more do they need in order to understand that they are rich, that they have all they could wish for, and even something to give to others? To become rich we have to be open and give. Those who take become poorer, and those who give become richer. Because when we give we awaken unknown inner forces, which were slumbering somewhere deep inside: they begin to spring up and circulate within us, and we feel so full we are astonished. We say to ourselves, ‘But how can that be? I have given and given, and I am richer…’ Yes, that is exactly what the new life is about!