Recharges our batteries with pure energies

December 2nd 2014
Freed from the most difficult physical tasks by the invention of ever more sophisticated machinery and equipment, humans should have all the right conditions for blossoming. But instead of that, we see them exerting and exhausting themselves as if they thought they had to adopt the same rhythm as their machines. Apparently, it’s necessary for the country’s economy… And that is how the economy prospers, while they end up in hospitals and cemeteries. Let them allow the machines to run, but they themselves should learn to stop and recharge their batteries with pure energies. Yes, from time to time, during the day, it is important to remember to take a break and to stop moving, talking and even thinking. Otherwise, it is like leaving all the water, gas and electricity taps on: soon there will be nothing left, all the energy has gone, and the tanks are empty. Staying still and quiet is what fills the tanks. So, whenever you can, stop, close your eyes, become silent within and connect with the sources of life and light. You will feel physically and psychically revived, and you will easily be able to get back to work.