Victories over ourselves

By giving credit to the lord

December 8th 2014
The lower nature in humans is so obstinate, so tough, that each victory they win over it is a real achievement. But instead of taking great pride in their achievement, they should remain modest. And in order to remain modest they must think that the credit belongs not to them but to the Lord, who gave them the ability to control their negative instincts. So, each time you win a victory over yourself, say, ‘The credit belongs not to me, Lord, but to your name.’ Otherwise, you risk falling into the trap of pride, and we know that for many proud people the fall has been a spectacular one. And when you are congratulated because you have acted well or done good work, again say, ‘The glory belongs not to me, Lord, but to your name.’ For, when others praise you, sometimes they are unconsciously – or even consciously! – setting traps for you: you are likely to take their words too seriously, and you will think you have already arrived. This is dangerous for your inner development, for there is always more progress to be made. We must always work not for our own glory but for the glory of God, for by being impersonal we draw closer to our higher self. The true glory of human beings is the glory of God.