Riches (material and spiritual)

In order to keep them, enable others to benefit from them

December 10th 2014
On the face of it, we see nothing but injustice on the earth. Some have everything – health, beauty, riches, talents, virtues – and others very little. But, in truth, nothing we received at birth was given to us by chance, in an arbitrary fashion. Everything we have today we worked for in our other incarnations, and cosmic justice handed out gifts to us – both on the material level as well as on the psychological and spiritual levels – that were equivalent to the efforts we had made. So everything we possess is as a result of the efforts we made over numerous lives. But bear in mind, it is not given to us for ever. If we are to keep what we have already acquired in our next incarnations, each one of us has to make sensible use of it and above all enable others to benefit from it. We must get all the gifts we received at birth to bear fruit, and the best way to get them to bear fruit is to use them not only for ourselves but also for others, by trying to help their evolution.