Soul (human)

A tiny part of the universal soul

December 11th 2014
To understand correctly the nature and activity of the spiritual principle we call the soul, we first have to realize that it is not enclosed in our physical body. It extends much further than that, and at the same time as continuing to give our body life it travels to visit the furthest regions of space and the entities living there. For, the soul that lives in each human being is a tiny part of the universal Soul. And it feels so limited, so cramped in the body that its only wish is to open out into space and merge with this immensity to which it belongs. So it is a mistake to believe, as people generally do, that the whole soul fits within a human being. No, in truth, only a tiny portion of our soul dwells within us; almost all of it remains outside us and leads an independent life in the cosmic ocean. So our soul greatly surpasses what we imagine it to be: the part of the universal Soul that is in us constantly strives toward vastness, toward infinity.