There are precious ones that we should keep

December 12th 2014
Tears are generally associated with sadness, but actually any emotion can bring on tears. And since there are all kinds of emotions, there are all kinds of tears too. There are tears of sadness, anger or resentment, and there are also tears of tenderness, joy or wonder. A landscape, poem, painting or piece of music can all bring tears to our eyes, but certain human behaviour can too, when it is particularly beautiful and noble. And how many mystics, when describing their experiences, have spoken of tears brought on by ecstasy! To the extent that they free a certain inner tension, whatever their cause, tears have their use. But obviously tears of joy and wonder are the most beneficial. Do not wipe these tears away with the back of your hand, as they are precious. The Master Peter Deunov advised that they should be collected in a clean cloth and kept carefully, for they have a kind of magical power. Allow tears of resentment, sadness or anger to dry; they are no more than a little salt water, but keep the tears that have been wrung from the depths of your soul.