That we must see in each being

December 13th 2014
A spiritual Master is not so interested in how people are here and now. What he tries to see are the divinities they will one day become. Each time he meets them, he thinks of the divine spark hidden deep inside them, which is waiting for the moment when they allow it to finally manifest. That is the highest expression of love: knowing how to connect with the divine spark present in each creature so as to nurture and strengthen it. How different human relationships would be if, when people met, they could see the man or woman before them as the guardian of a spark sprung from the divine fire! Even in a criminal, we should look for this spark and try to bring it back to life. We do not always know why certain people have been led down the slippery slope, nor do we know what might set them right again and suddenly re-ignite their inner spark. This is why we should never judge anyone for ever.