Which we must be aware of

December 14th 2014
In every sphere of life – politics, society, science, the economy, religion, morality – you will hear people talk about responsibility. Presidents, ministers, generals, managers, parents, teachers, and so on, all know they bear a responsibility. A great many people and events depend on them, on their behaviour and on the decisions they make. But actually the idea of responsibility extends way beyond that, for all creatures that exist are linked to one another and have an influence on one another. In this way each person exerts an influence on others, not only through their actions, but also through their thoughts and their feelings. Whatever humans do, they are accountable. But because they do not know this, or they do know but don’t take enough notice, this is why there is so much suffering in the world. So if you want to be useful and do good, try to take each thing you do as an opportunity to elevate yourself spiritually. Even if what you do doesn’t seem to have any effect, the reality is that, somewhere, we know not where, there is always something good that is awoken and given a boost.