Never separate it from life

December 15th 2014
Why leave poetry to those who write it? To be a poet is first and foremost to create poetry in our own life by endeavouring to bring purity, light, love and joy into it. This is the poetry we need to feel and breathe with God’s creatures, something that brings harmony and life. True poetry is inseparable from life. So try each day to become more alive. It is so pleasant to meet creatures in whom we feel everything is alive, warm, full of light! We love a tree because it bears fruit, we love a spring because of the song its bubbling water sings, we love flowers because of their colours and their perfume… In the same way we love creatures who open up to offer something clear, full of light, fragrant and melodious. Learn to cultivate this state of pouring forth and radiance. Get into the habit of extracting a few living particles from your heart to send to others, and you will know what it is to live in poetry.