Seeking the place where its sun never sets

December 17th 2014
Do you want to keep this feeling of fulfilment that love gives you? Try to find ways of no longer needing to depend on the physical presence of those you love. Whether or not it is their choice to be far away, and even if death takes them from you, you will be able to avoid the emptiness their absence creates, because you will live in the only truly real world: your inner world, with which you are one. As soon as you leave your inner world, inevitably beings and things are able to escape you; you are at the mercy of events. Do you know how long the beings you have become attached to will stay with you? No, and you must expect that one day you will be physically separated from them, one way or another. So, try to elevate your consciousness to regions on high where circumstances have no hold over you, where the sun of love never sets. Project yourself into the light of this eternal sun. As long as those you love are present within you, no force in the world will be able to take them from you.