Sephirotic tree

A method of work

May 25th 2011
To guide us in our spiritual work and show us which path to follow, we need a method. As I see it, the best method that exists is study of the sephirotic Tree. Many saints and mystics have walked the path of light without knowing the sephirotic Tree, it is true, but knowing it gives a clearer view of the work to be achieved. This is why I insist that you learn to go deeper into all aspects of it. With Malkuth, you make things concrete. With Yesod, you purify them. With Hod, you understand them and express them. With Netzach, you breathe grace into them. With Tiphareth, you illumine them. With Geburah, you fight to defend them. With Chesed, you submit them to the divine order. With Binah, you give them stability. With Chokmah, you take them into universal harmony. Finally, with Kether, you place upon them the seal of eternity.