Essence of the divine

December 22nd 2014
When you ask a sage, ‘What is God?’, he will remain silent, for this question can only be answered by silence. Only silence, true silence, can express the essence of the Divine. To say that God is love, wisdom, power, justice, is true, but these words capture nothing of his infinity, his eternity or his perfection. We do not know God by speaking or hearing others speak about him; we know him by endeavouring to go within ourselves to make contact with the region that is silence. Silence is the highest region of our soul, and when we make contact with this region we enter cosmic light. Light is the quintessence of the universe. Everything we see around us, and even what we do not see, is imbued with and infused with light. The very aim of silence is fusion with this living, powerful light, which penetrates all of creation. When we merge with this light, we no longer wonder what God is and, even less, whether he exists.