Table (at the) of the soul and spirit

December 26th 2014
After a time of great spiritual intensity, why do you have such a feeling of fulfilment? And yet, outwardly, nothing has happened to you; nothing has changed, but you feel satisfied, as if you have eaten and drunk your fill. Ignorant people, of course, will say it’s an illusion. So, when they suffer, when they are unhappy for no apparent reason, are those times of anxiety or depression also illusions? No, for them they are real; suffering is a reality, but spiritual joy is an illusion. What a way to think! Try from now on to rise to the regions of the soul and the spirit, to eat and drink, and you will know what plenitude is. Then it will no longer be as it is on the physical plane, where each day you have to eat in order not to be hungry and weak. The food you take in, in the sublime regions, satisfies you for days and days. The divine world is made up of elements of such richness that, if you get to taste them only once, the feeling of plenitude they give will never leave you. Nothing will be able to take this sense of eternity from you. Obviously, before you can reach this place, you will have to practise for a long time and look for nourishment every day, as you do for your physical stomach. But if you seek to take part in the feasts of the soul and the spirit, one day nothing will take this feeling of plenitude from you ever again.