Self (our higher)

Possesses the qualities of the sun

December 28th 2014
To give like the sun, to love like the sun… This ideal is one we must try hard to achieve one day. Each time we feel impatience, irritation or discouragement because of human behaviour, we have a solution for overcoming the feeling: we can turn to the sun, which continues to shine up above, tireless and unperturbed. You will say, ‘But it’s easy for the sun to remain unperturbed: it is so far away, nothing can reach it.’ Yes, but we too have something in us that remains forever out of reach: our higher self, for our higher self is in the sun. By looking to the sun we will one day succeed in uniting with our higher self and living as it does, in a state of peace that nothing can disturb. Our higher self lives in the sun, where it participates in divine work. When we are able to harmonize the vibrations of our earthly self with those of our heavenly self, we will discover that the Creator has deposited treasures of generosity and love in us.