Soul, universal

Attuning ourselves to it

January 2nd 2015
Each morning when you wake up, and several times during the day, think of the universal Soul, as if it were a tuning-fork you had to resonate with. In this way, little by little, you will enter cosmic harmony. Imagine you are a musical instrument and that you have to do a lot of adjusting so that you too can become ‘well-tuned’. ‘A musical instrument?’ you’ll say. Yes, a violin, for example, because this instrument in particular offers analogies with the human being. The violin’s wooden casing represents the physical body, and it has four strings stretched across it: the G string corresponds to the heart, the D to the mind, the A to the soul, and the E to the spirit. And the bow represents the will, as it moves constantly over the four strings to make them vibrate. The violin will only produce harmonious sounds if it is in tune. This is why violinists never start playing until they have tuned their instrument. Like them, we must never start ‘playing’ without first tuning our heart, mind, soul and spirit, and during the day we should also make sure these ‘strings’ remain taut.