A nectar and ambrosia, filling space

January 5th 2015
Love is made of exchanges. And yet, the exchanges people make are not made solely on the physical level. They can also make them at a distance – through words or a look, or in their thoughts, without touching, without even seeing one another. Nor are these exchanges limited to the ones that humans can have with one other. This is why, even if you have not yet met the man or woman you feel sufficiently inspired by to create a relationship, it is no reason to feel alone and deprived of love. Love is a cosmic energy circulating everywhere in the universe. This is why you can find it in stones, plants, animals and even in water, the air, the sun and the stars. Yes, why must you suffer because you have no man or woman to hold in your arms? Neither the body nor the flesh will give you love, because that is not where love is found. Love can use the physical body as a support, but the love itself is elsewhere; it is everywhere – it is a light, a nectar, an ambrosia, filling space.