To progress so as to help those around us and all of creation

January 6th 2015
Try to become aware of the ties that connect you not only to the members of your family but also to the whole of society. And what is the nature of these ties? Each time you make any progress, the riches and light you receive influence all the people you have close or distant connections with. Because of the progress you make, they also advance. They may not notice that they do, but that is the reality – they progress because of you. And it is the same if you start to let yourself go and become darker in yourself: your family and society, which are connected to you, are subject to negative influences because of you. In this way you lead others either toward the light or toward darkness. You see, your responsibility is far-reaching. Do you want to be useful, to help all of humanity, even animals, plants and stones? Then do your best every day to make your life purer, richer, more light-filled, because then, subtly and imperceptibly, you will take all of creation with you to the heights. And when the entities in the invisible world see you attracting blessings to all beings, they will come and reward you.